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allgorite custom – Your trusted, independent recommendation service

It is easy to get lost in today´s markets with too many advisors who base their judgment on varying toolsets. Wouldn´t it be great if you´d have a single source of information which computes recommendations based on a fixed set of criteria? Wouldn’t it be even better to know that this algorithmic approach has shown great results over the past years?

allgorite custom gives you daily ideas for your trading. Use allgorite daily as a your starting point for trading. We know that you use your own tools as well but if you combine it with allgorite your own tools get even more powerful. There is no need to follow any rule set by allgorite. We compute trading ideas which have a high chance for growth and this can be seen in the interactive graph.

Contact us to get access to the member area to try it for yourself. But before doing so please have a look at past recommendations of our daily profile. The interactive graph shows past recommendations and their respective growth over a period of six weeks after buy or ytd after buy.

Our basic service for business customers starts lower than US$ 10´000 per month. This is very cheap if compare to a part time analyst who basically only also applies recurring rules on the stock market. Let allgorite be your outsourced investment advice – independent, affordable and trustworthy.

Directly from the heart of Switzerland, allgorite offers SWISS precise engineering and computing intelligence for your money.

We offer 14 day trials for registered business customers and if your are not fully convinced you just stop using our service – that´s it. Start today by sending an email to: business@stock-iq.com

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